Creating high-impact, interactive online experiences since 1999,
we take your business far. Too seriously.

Until we get a parking space at Paramount, Kiss.Wrks is a full-service, digital workshop in Hollywood providing online solutions for large and small brands, businesses, plumbers and professional portfolios.

Highly motivated by the interactive experience, future technologies, innovative design and only the finest coffee... we consistently engage audiences across an impressive array of industries, multiply conversions, and elevate brands to new heights. This is no time for humility.

It won't matter if your business is entertainment, exotic cars, or selling pillow cases from your home... we are radical about blending brains and beauty with brawn, and electrifying the visitor experience to be no less than edu-taining. Nobody writes a single line of code until we've listened closely to your fantasy, and fully understand the goal. Always architecturally sound, we conceptualize a genius solution - whatever the scale - package, present and pour the foundation to be built upon. Then, we go to work to Keep It Simply Spectacular. Bring us any project or problem, or get your website Kissed™.

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           We Have Kissed™           

Branding, Design, Development & Architecture

  • Complete Branding Strategies
  • Website architecture, development & design without limits. Yes, hosting too.
  • Mobile Apps, facebook apps, interactive games, online contests
  • Extremely interactive member signup processes, surveys, & questionnaires with visual & audio FX
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Fluency in industry-standard everything including software & programming languages
  • Expert custom coding & solutions
  • Expert level custom WordPress® solutions, theme creation, custom frameworks & admin controls without limits
  • Remote and local MySQL database integration
  • Server maintenance, administration and support
  • After hours emergency service

Advanced Technologies

  • Advanced API Integration with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Brightcove, MLS & Pinterest
  • Google Maps API including customized Real Estate & product locators
  • Real Estate (MLS) API data retrieval & locators
  • WOWZA® streaming audio & video tube site creation
  • Deep system services like automated on-the-fly FFMPEG video compression and video watermarking.
  • Complete server-side image manipulation, automated cropping, resizing and watermarking
  • Automated server-side image, audio and video compression.
  • Software training and installation
  • Computer/System & OS repair

Interactivity, Magic & Motion

  • Online UX/UI Interactivity & Animation
  • Advanced CSS3 and JQuery Animation
  • Extreme Show-stopping Flash Interactivity
  • Motion graphics HD/2K/4K video trailers
  • Custom cinematic trailers and branding
  • 3D modeling, rendering & animation
  • Photo-realistic 3D object prototype & architectural renderings
  • Digital multi-channel soundtrack creation & editing
  • Video & Audio SFX Creation
  • Expert Software Knowledge
  • Post production, editing, visual effects, green-screening, compositing & motion tracking
  • Private stand-alone tube site creation
  • And we make an excellent omelette.

From this...

Established brand or company logo

... to this.

Sample Emblems & Logo Renderings


Taking a "mobile first" approach, we automatically future-proof by looking as far ahead as possible. Retina image support is always built in, so your images and graphics will look razor sharp on the very latest mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches. Touch and swipe reactions are built in too. Adjust the size of this window and see the website adjust, expand and collapse to fit your device. That's a "responsive" design, and is par for the course.


Built to exact specifications, we handle everything under the hood that nobody ever sees... and architect a custom content management system (CMS) where you can log in yourself, manage, control and add new content anytime. Need to automatically add your YouTube® videos from your channel to your website? No problem. We will even pull the thumbnail images down and resize everything to fit. We build from scratch whenever it's required and have our heads around the core fundamentals.


We have built some highly advanced image manipulation tools that rotate, scale, crop and watermark images on the fly, generating thumbnails and dynamic layouts of complete photographer's galleries with thousands of images if required. Also fluent in the realm of digital video & audio, we can even create custom-branded video and audio players. If you don't what you want, that's fine too. Creative freedom is real pleasure.


Creating our own terminology is fun, because we're not bound by the lexicon.

While we draw inspiration from some great creative minds past and present, we also discover and create our own based on the need itself. "Keep It Simple" is what we do - after we've listened to you. Good design is not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Mozart hated "too many notes", and if we can eliminate just one mouse click, it's a big deal, because it's the difference between interest and a sale. We have taken sites from 500 to 7000 members/day in less than 4 months - just by changing the way a user signs up. So tell us what we can do for you. We're listening.


Until recently, if you wanted a mobile site to compliment your existing website, you would build a separate. But now, it's possible to make one website look and work properly on a smartwatch, phone, tablet, and retina displays up to 5K resolutions.

Retina displays have pixels so close together the human eye doesn't see the dots anymore. It makes for razor sharp text, adds impressive realism to images, and jagged edges on type are now history. With all this in mind, we approach every project with "today's best" as the future expected minimum. In the same way that game developers stretch the limits of CPU performance and make you want to buy a better machine, we create web & mobile experiences ahead of their time - keeping you ahead of the curve.


This doesn't mean we don't care about older browsers and low resolution displays. That's still a big audience, and you want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. So we make sure to account for backward compatibility at least as far as we look forward.

But, you also don't hold up a flight because 2 passengers are still sitting in the lounge. If 2% of your visitors are still on Internet Explorer 8, would you want your website to suffer to accommodate them?... or make the experience that much better for the other 98%. We consider all of this very carefully and insist on establishing a minimum system requirement before breaking ground.

           Awards & Accolades           

Let's Work


    Where are you located?

Although we are occasionally in Toronto, we primarily based at the center of the entertainment universe in Hollywood, California. You know, dinner with Beyoncé, and lunch with George Clooney…. that sort of thing is a nev’ryday occurrence. So if you’re anywhere near Los Angeles or Toronto, we would be delighted to meet in person and shake your hand. Although we often work VERY closely with clients in Japan, Germany, New York, Chicago and Florida, we aim to cultivate everlasting one-on-one relationships with our clients whenever possible. Give us a great reason to fly to Japan, and we will be on the next flight.

Google Map customized by us. Need product or real-estate locator? We speak fluent Google. Talk to us about that.

    Do you guys know about HD Video , Audio and all of that? We produce movies and want to have self hosted videos.

Know it? We breathe it, eat it for breakfast, and we’re not kidding. Going as far back as 1997 when DVDs were a new technology, we were already creating video motion menus and authoring DVD’s while most people were still watching VHS tapes and renting movies from Blockbuster – which has since gone totally out of business. But we’re still here. We have even created full-blown, stand-alone video tube sites.

We created this trailer below for a DVD in the year 1999 (16 years ago on a Macbook) for 3D software company ElectricImage®, which was our preferred 3D software package of choice. Fully hand-modeled in Form•Z, textured in Photoshop, rendered and animated on a machine 100X slower than what you’re using now, we set out to create a real cinematic trailer that looks like it was created by a major motion picture studio. In fact, just for fun, it uses the Universal Pictures® music but contains models of lighting objects that also appear in 20th Century Fox’s Trailer. This is what actually brought us to Hollywood.

Here is another – which is almost totally indistinguishable from the original – and is based on George Lucas’ 1997 theatrical title trailer for the re-release of the StarWars™ Trilogy | Special Edition. Instead of the titles of the films, we changed the flying logos to say “Work Hard. Render fast. Retire Young”. This is ElectricImage’s tagline. When we submitted it to them in 2000, they showcased both on their website to show what their software is capable of.

ElectricImage was also used to create special segments of the actual LucasFilm StarWars™ movies. So we also created spaceships, cars, TIE Fighters, Planes, flying logos and more – to look like a major Hollywood Studio created them.

    Can you host and maintain my website too?

Of course. We are fully equipped and actually prefer to handle it for you – so you won’t need to. It also eliminates countless hours on the phone, and you get peace of mind knowing someone is continually looking out for your website as if we own it ourselves. For clients we host, the monthly fee is slightly higher, but it pays for itself several times over because we include a handful of hours per month for automatic updates, maintenance, server administration and whatever else may arise. If you need something extra beyond those hours, we will just invoice for the extra requirement.

We know you have a business to run, so make your online business our business… and we will take care of all of your online needs. We work with some very big brands and businesses who are too busy selling cars, food, clothing & houses, and they don’t know what their website needs. So we provide all the maintenance, automatic support, greasing the wheels and making the initiative they wouldn’t even consider or think to ask for. Our white-glove service ensures we have as few lengthy conversations as possible, and we attack a problem like we’re going to kill it – and eat it.

Kiss really works.
It’s not just a pretty name. It’s our methodology.

    I want a website that I can control, and add posts and pages to whenever I want. Do you do that?

We certainly build anything from static websites… to dynamic websites. A website may just be someone’s online business card that exists so they can be found and contacted. It remains generally *static*, and does not change over time. Dynamic websites grow and have content added to them constantly. Perhaps you have a member base, or online store, that is a *dynamic* website with a CMS (Content Management System) allowing you log in and add future content yourself, without the need for daily or complex assistance.

We can build anything on top of a fully self-managing CMS. We can even customize it for you to manage yourself, and have it fully tailored for your specific needs …. to upload photo galleries…. of thousands of pictures….. adding products with images that need to be automatically resized…. have thumbnails created from them…. rotated….. cropped …. and even watermarked with your own logo on the fly. Drag and drop and album of images, and it’s all done in seconds.

A big-name automotive client asked us for this, and what used to take them an hour or more, now takes seconds with unbelievable simplicity. They can list a car for sale and add a supporting gallery of pictures in 60 seconds. Previously the would create a new web page manually, crop, resize and adjust all the images in Photoshop and upload it themselves. We automated the entire process, so now they can concentrate on building and selling cars.

That’s just one example.

We have built some unbelievably complex features on top of very basic WordPress-driven sites too.
Whatever the scale, simplicity and ease of use is always the number one consideration.

    What about social media integration? I want to see my latest Tweets and Instagram gallery on my website.

We are fluent in the latest social media APIs (Automated Programming Interfaces). Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube all have mechanisms for advanced programmers to display your latest social news and content directly on your site – as you make it – LIVE. You just added YouTube® video to your business channel and want it to display on your website? It’s highly complex, but no problem! We hook into youtube and “listen” for changes. When you make any, your website can display your most recent videos, images or tweets automatically.

There is no limit to what you can do with this. We would even strongly recommend it. As an example, we have a client who requested pulling the images thumbnails and all existing YouTube video data (including views counts!) down to their website video gallery – eliminating the need for them to enter all the information AGAIN on the website. So we hooked into YouTube, pull all the video data, and inject the title, description, images, view counts, likes, status, dislikes, publish date and even subscriptions(!) to populate their website with all their videos – automatically. Most impressive, we don’t mind saying. If you want to go crazy with this, you certainly can.

Naturally basic social “sharing” functions are part of the parcel and we add the ability for your site visitors to share your content across all major social networks.

    Are you any good at Flash?

When it comes to Flash, the only thing we’re missing is a cape.

Until 2011, high-impact Flash interactivity was our business, and we created some of the most successful interactive website join processes on the internet. Twenty-six of them to be exact, for major high-traffic & high-volume sites. We also created a fully customized Flash video player for a food company in 2013. That company won “best in show” for the best website that year – thanks to us. We made use of the latest and most advanced YouTube API at the time, and we were the just people to it.

For one client, we filmed an actress walking out on stage and interviewing YOU to sign up for a dating site. She would ask a question, buttons with sound effects would magically appear around her and you would click them to move to the next step. With a background in the arts, we actually choreographed her movements, how many steps she should take, how to stand, where to stand, how to move her arms, what to point at – and what to say. The poor girl had no idea who she was talking to or what the point of it all was. Until we brought it to life:

One of our example projects for The Wonderful Company® (Wonderful Pistachios & POM Wonderful etc.) was a Gangnam Style interactive Facebook APP contest… with interactive music and sounds. You would upload a photo and dress yourself in props – like PSY from the extremely popular “Gangnam Style” music video – and it would create an e-card you could add to your Facebook timeline. Moreover, it would connect to Facebook and select and post images from and to your Facebook albums and timelines directly. Pretty slick.

So yes, our knowledge and kissperience with Flash is un-paralleled and totally off-the-charts. We would be happy to give you a complete presentation with plenty of examples that are certain to blow your hair right back. Contact us anytime.

    What's your availability? Do you provide support and technical help?

Great question. We’re up until all hours solving all kinds of problems while you sleep. That’s our job, and we know it. If there is a power outage, or a website crashes at 3:00 AM, we don’t sleep until it’s fixed and you’re back up and running. We have alerts set up to going straight to our mobile phones every 15 minutes. Like Batman, if a website goes down, we get the signal.

On New Year’s Eve 2014 , we sat at our computers until 5AM and have witness testimony to prove it. Last Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, we emailed two clients informing them of progress, and provided solutions at the drop of a hat. They were not available to respond and on vacation until several days later, but we took care of it.

It’s all part of our Kisstacular service and most of our clients have no idea what we put in.
That’s why we’re still in business. Because – even when you’re on vacation.

    What is the nature of the business of most of your clients? Corporate? Personal Bio?

We have created award-winning work for every genre you can think of. From IT (information technology)… to music & classical ballet. Yes, really. Automotive, fitness, food & beverage, clothing, water, medical, sports, real estate, cheese, vodka, nuts, construction, technology, photography, online dating, design, architecture, industrial design, hobbyist, night club, parties, children’s music & story books…. the list is long and distinguished. Do you have an hour?

    How much does a website cost? And what are your rates?

Difficult to say without understanding the scope, but often, a client can have one of three restraints. Time, quality, or budget. There is a saying in the industry: “Fast. Cheap. And Good. Pick two.”. In simple terms, if you need it “cheap and yesterday”, you can expect it to be of lesser quality. Likewise, if it needs to pass several stages of approval by several tiers of managers, then exacting quality and plenty of deliberation takes place, so it will take longer and cost more. You get the idea.

It’s not a deflection, but at least one conversation (or meeting) will come before that – in order to understand the scope, deadline, travel requirements, and a number of other factors. There are simply too many questions to be answered before we are in a position to answer accurately. For some needs, we invoice hourly, and occasionally, for the entire project. It’s always agreed upon in advance so there are no surprises. Skill set required plays a part in it too. We have different rates for different needs.

Our role is to present ourselves as the best possible choice and give you the best value. Frequently, the client (or business) already has a budget ceiling. This is also good, because providing the budget ceiling will put us in the position of presenting an attractive solution within your affordable range. It also happens often that a client doesn’t care what it costs. They need it right now. So whichever you are, be upfront and let us know, and we will do the same for you. When you prefer that kind of relationship, we will really enjoy working with you too.

We also make a very concerted effort to build in features & enhancements so you won’t need to call us later. That may cost 6 extra hours today, but it will save you 60 hours in the long run. We do that whenever possible and will always discuss it with you. Saving you a little money when we can means you won’t hesitate to call us again.

    Do you work on-site/in-house?.... or do you only work remotely.

Whenever possible, we are fully willing to be there along side you in person, although we don’t need to be. It depends on the nature of the project and your business, and the tools required to deliver…. but we will deflect that towards your preference. We are equipped with everything you need without you having to supply it, but if it’s possible to travel to you – even just occasionally – being there with you in person allows us to work remotely on our own, and also connect personally if there are any questions. So we are absolutely flexible that way depending on availability.

    We don't know what we want. Can you tell us what we want?

You will be a favorite client. When granted full (or partial) creative license, we really run with it. We’ll listen closely to your business goal and take it from there. Depending on your line of work, genre or niche, it often *designs itself*. When you provide your materials, content, images, videos and copy…. we are able to pre-visualize what the complete package might look like – when you (or others) may not be able to. It’s our forté. But if you do know exactly what you want, we love that too, because it eliminates experimentation. Alternatively, you may know what you like AFTER you see it. This isn’t a problem, but it does extend deadlines and can be more costly in the end. So if something needs to be fully created before you approve it, this process can certainly take longer. Something to keep in mind.

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